Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walkin' in the Rain

I love walking our dogs.  It's one of those simple pleasures that is such a delight!  But when some rainy weather came our way a while ago, I was hard pressed cajoling a single family member to join me. Since we have two dogs, a walk is much easier when there are two humans. 

I asked my brother to come along, and he complained, 'But it's raining!'  To which I replied, 'Yeah, so?  This is June weather for Leeds.'  Which it was.

 After living in Yorkshire, I've learned that when there's a bit of drizzle or slight breeze, you just bundle yourself up and carry on.  Suburban Americans, on the other hand, will go to great lengths to avoid any contact with nature when the elements become slightly inclement.  Even on bright, sunny days I've known them to drive and drive and drive around a parking lot in search of a front-row space.  The fact that they could have parked and entered the store of their choice several minutes ago if they'd only been willing to walk a few feet carries no weight.  Therefore, convincing a family member to voluntarily step out into the cold and wet was no easy task.

After some pathetic pleading, Chelsea agreed to accompany the dogs and me for an evening jaunt.  

We had a great time!  Even Percy, who avoids stepping on damp matter at all costs, was romping through the wet grass with doggy abandon!  Chelsea professed to enjoy herself, so I should have a walking buddy the next time a gloomy day arrives.  As for me, I almost felt like I was back in England again -- always a welcome thing.

 Scavenger and Chelsea
Percy is so scrawny he requires a sweater for the cold
Doesn't he look dashing?
If you look closely, you can see raindrops in this photo


Lindsay R said...

your red coat + cute little doggy wearing sweater is picture perfect.


Diana said...

Thanks, Lindsay! xx

rebecca said...

what a beautiful red coat to brighten up a rainy day!

Diana said...

Thank you, Rebecca! It was 50% off at H&M. I love finding bargains. :)