Friday, October 07, 2011

Have a Great Weekend (and Some Fun Links)

 The weekend is already upon us. The past five days have flown by for me.  Although it feels like I haven't been doing much, I have been quite busy finishing unpacking and reorganizing my space, performing odd jobs about the house, catching up with old friends, crafting a resume and applying for jobs.  Oh, the joys of the unemployed!

I don't have any particularly exciting plans for the weekend.  So far I have taken the dogs on a walk in drizzly weather (I almost felt like I was back in England again) and will soon be watching a movie while digging into some dessert.  What will you be doing?  I have also gathered a few fun links to share that I stumbled upon during the week. 

A great article from Penguin Books about falling in love with Dickens through David Copperfield.  I completely related to the writer's Dickensian skepticism.  (By the way, I love the caricature of Charlie pictured above.  It just kills me.)

Follow in Emma Woodhouse's footsteps by taking a virtual tour around Box Hill.  

thought-provoking piece concerning Downton Abbey and domestic service from OUP.

Three women win the Nobel Peace Prize. Let's hear it for the girls!

fried food bonanza at the Texas State Fair from Today's Letters.  I can't believe some of the fried products on offer.  Fried bubblegum anybody?


John McLendon said...

I am very excited to see 3 women win the Nobel Peace Prize. Especially, Tawakkol Karman, for pushing the boundaries of social and political systems that designate a patriarchal origin.

Violet said...

I just can't get along with Dickens. I tried Bleak House again last year and got half way through and then felt I would scream if I had to read "chancery" one more time. I did like his send-up of Leigh Hunt, though. I resorted to watching the BBC series, which I loved, to find out how it all ended.

Diana said...

Violet: I totally sympathize. I used to dislike him immensely apart from A Tale of Two Cities. But then I was forced to add 'A Christmas Carol' to the Dickens Exception List. Then 'Oliver Twist.' When I read 'David Copperfield' I felt I finally had to concede that I did, in fact, LOVE Dickens even though his incessant sexism and redundancy can be grating at times.

However, I haven't been attempted Bleak House though I, too, love the BBC adaptation. Perhaps this would be the ultimate test.

Diana said...

John: It's about time!

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