Thursday, October 20, 2011

Candy Corn

My mum picked up a bag of candy corn the other day.  As I was munching on it I suddenly realized how many memories are tied to this little treat.  It seems so quintessentially October to me, and I instantly think back to all those years of trick-or-treating as a child: venturing out in the crisp, cool air; a coat stuffed beneath my costume; the excitement of counting and sorting my candy stash at the end of the night.  I love it!  Pumpkin-faced taffy carries similar connotations, but I can't seem to find any this year.  I hope it hasn't gone the way of the dodo, if you catch my drift.  Do you have foods that take you back to certain moments in your life?  

In other news, I'm debating whether or not to dressed up for Halloween since I haven't done so in nearly a decade.  Do you have a costume yet?  I'd love to hear what/who people are going as this year!


David said...

This year, I'll be Waldo (or Wally over here). Last year, I was Quail Man.

Funny how everything I am now seems to be a token memento from my childhood.

Diana said...

I love your Where's Wally costume! Maybe I should dig through my childhood memories for costume ideas. :)

John McLendon said...

Last time my Mom was alive and I was home for Halloween, kids were coming in TRUCKLOADS through our subdivision plundering the candy. We had a sizable amount of candy, and it was gone in less than 30 minutes. I haven't dressed up in YEARS. But if I had to dress up, I'd go as Guy Fawkes mask from V in Vendetta to support the Occupy Wall Street causes. Favourite candy: Sour Apple Blow Pops. Blow Pops take me back to Halloween. We always had candy corn, but it was never my favourite.

Diana said...

John: Guy Fawkes is a fantastic costume idea. Guy Fawkes with Blow Pops is even better. I'm kind of craving those now!