Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 I don't see nearly as many movies in England as I do when at home in Utah.  I've still managed to make my way to the cinema several times over the past year.  These visits are not always satisfactory (e.g. my experience with Thor -- I expected much more from Kenneth Branagh).  At other times my expectations are surpassed.  One of the best films I've seen recently is Submarine.  It's a delightfully quirky movie concerning a precocious teenager in Wales.  It's poignant, witty, and the final scene is pure perfection.  I'd highly recommend picking it up if the trailer strikes your fancy.

Film Fun Fact: superb actress Sally Hawkins plays the mother of the movie's protagonist as portrayed by Craig Roberts.  They were again paired as mother and son in the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre.

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dana @ wonder forest said...

i just recently saw this! i thought it was a great movie :)
xox dana