Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Public Pee

One evening in Rome my two Italian travel buddies and I were finishing up our sightseeing and heading for a nearby restaurant when we saw this fellow:

There he was, nonchalantly taking a wee as though this were the most natural spot for it in the world.  You can't really tell from the photo, but his casual urination took place in a very crowded urban location.  Turn directly around, and you'd witness a scene along these lines:

Needless to say, we were quite perplexed and slightly disturbed by the incident.  It's as though he were a dog marking his territory on an evening walk.  I've come across men doing their business late at night in a quiet alley, but this took the concept of a public pee to a whole new level.  For me, it's proof that social inhibitions can indeed be a good thing. 


John McLendon said...

The fact that you took a picture of some taking a slash up against a wall in a very public place: priceless.

Brooke said...

It must be an Italian thing because I was on a bus in Verona and was stopped at a light, I look out the window and a nicely dressed man in a suit was taking a wiz in the gutter. Mind you, this was a very busy, very packed street. And then in Venice, I saw a man peeing in the canal! But most places I went, you had to pay to use the bathroom, so if I were a guy with no change, I may just do the same to save a buck!

Diana said...

I think I would be tempted to do my business on the go (and for free) if I were a European man as well. But unlike my Italian friend I would have opted for a spot with at least the semblance of privacy.