Friday, September 09, 2011

Anarchy in the UK

As a follow-up on my thoughts concerning tea fanaticism in England, I wanted to share this laugh-out-loud comic:

Comic by Dagsson

I also came across this brilliant blog post in which the self-proclaimed Amateur Gourment shares a letter he received from an Englishwoman living in New York City.  She abides by strict standards where tea is involved, to say the very least.  Drawing from my own experience I would say that such particularity is not the norm, but it's amusing nonetheless.  

If anybody is keen to try some authentic English tea, might I suggest Whittard of Chelsea?  They carry a variety of black, green, white and fruit teas that they will ship overseas.  I'm especially partial to their instant tea.  It's a powder similar to hot chocolate in packaging and consistency.  It's also very low in caffeine: less than one percent.  My favourite flavours are the cranberry and raspberry and dreamtime.  I often make sure to take some back to the States with me.  It is delish!

Well, dear friends and family, I wish you a wonderful weekend!