Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Like a Woman

A friend recently sent a fantastic article my way from the Los Angeles Review of Books.  It proved to be a fascinating read.  Concerned with Jane Austen's status as an author in contemporary academia and pop culture, it raises some interesting questions about male versus female writing content.  Why do Austen fans feel the need to apologize for their adoration of an acclaimed author?  What can men learn from reading her novels?  It was very engrossing, and I'd highly recommend it for those seeking some brain fodder. 

I, for one, am proud to proclaim myself an Austenite.  Because Pride and Prejudice was the first so-called classic I read, in many ways I feel I owe my love of literature and subsequent extensive education to her.  I can't fathom what my life would be had I not been introduced to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as a young teen.  In fact, I firmly believe that a young reader in possession of a good imagination must be in want of an Austen novel.   

In true Mr. Bennet fashion I shall conclude this post with the following: 'If anyone needs me I'll be in my study, not to be disturbed.'

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