Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Downton Abbey Returns

The second series of Downton Abbey began this past Sunday, and I am already feeling impatient for the next installments.  The only problem is that I am due to fly back to the States before the series concludes.  Discordant release dates for various films and miniseries often interfere with my viewing schedule. 

I don't want to give anything away, but so far far there have been plot developments I've liked while others have annoyed me.  Maggie Smith is genius as always.  I was so thrilled she received an Emmy for her work on the show.  As time goes on, I find myself increasingly smitten with this fellow:

I'm also eager to visit Downton Abbey, or Highclere Castle as it's known in 'real life.' Did you know that the current Lord and Lady Carnarvon still reside there, although it is at times open to the public?  Can you imagine waking up every day to this?

Finally, I want Mary's dresses.  All of them. 

Are you watching Downton Abbey?  Will you be watching? 


Weston and Hayley Bell said...

I have never even heard of downtown abby. Is it available to watch online somewhere?

The Lloyd Family said...

Oh goodness, the pain of waiting!

Diana said...

Hayley, the first season of Downton Abbey is available to buy on DVD in the US, so I'd imagine you could find it in netflix or online. But it's good. It has a sort of Upstairs/Downstairs theme going on as it concentrates on both the noble family and the servants of the manor.

Ashley, oh the pain! I'm already annoyed at not having the next episode available. I think I am going to have to watch it online as it airs in the UK. I don't think I'll be patient enough to wait for a US broadcast.

Diana said...

P.S. Maggie Smith makes the show! Her performance is uh-may-zing! But then, Maggie Smith never disappoints.

Abish said...

I LOVE this show! Apparently it won't be airing in the US until next year. Season 1 is instant on Netflix which is how I watched it. My sister sent me a link of Matthew with the line "Matthew's hot this year". ha ha! I need to rewatch it. I've lost sleep over this show and I got Tracy hooked on it too.

Diana said...

Way to spread the love, Abish! I hope it doesn't take them too long to distribute the second series here in the States. Patience is not my virtue. :)