Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ron Weasley and the Deathly Hallows, Part II

Team Ron!

My friends and I looked forward to the second installment of The Deathly Hallows like any group of self-respecting Potterites would do.  Making a night of it was a no brainer.  We started with a burger dinner together where I encouraged all of us to share our favorite book of the series and how we came to be engrossed by the saga in the first place.

I, for instance, converted to Potterism on my brother's eighth birthday.  He had received the first book as a gift, and I read 'The Boy Who Lived' aloud to my two youngest siblings before they went to bed that night. 

Then I stole it for myself and wouldn't rest until I had read all that had been published at the time.  Drove my mumsy crazy.  I was deaf to all voices but Rowling's.  It was then that I first became acquainted with my favourite Potter volume: The Prisoner of Azkaban.

But that's not the point of the story....

Upon arriving at the cinema we decided to have a bit of fun by staging faux wands battles.  As you do.  Then we settled into the film.  It didn't take long for Ana and I to realize the dreadful error we had committed in forgoing the tissues.  

As far as the films are concerned, I am of the opinion that the final two installments are the best.  Obviously, they aren't perfect.  I'm not sure an adaptation can be.  That being said, I thought Part II ended an era with a bang.   

Ron is the hero of these films as far as I'm concerned.  The sarcasm, oh the sarcasm!  It positively makes a girl weak in the knees, whereas Harry seems to merely huff and puff through his monologues.  Indeed, I would go so far as to assert (my academic indoctrination is shining through here) that it should really be titled Ron Weasley and the Deathly Hallows (Parts I and II). 

Now, are you ready for these faux magical battle photos?  A little heads up: my camera was not cooperating at the time.  The pics Ragini took on her phone were much better.  Nevertheless, here they are:

The blurriness of the photo is making me look a bit crazed
Perhaps I was channeling Bellatrix
Petrificus totalus!
Bonus: if I got tired dueling I had
a large beverage handy for refreshment
Ana's Deathly Hallows 'tattoo'

So I'd love to hear from my fellow Potteries: what's your favourite book/film?  Are you Team Harry or Team Ron?  Team Hermione?  Do you think this whole Team business is juvenile?  In theory I think it's silly and arbitrary, yet I am always quite willing to pick a side. 

So.  In conclusion...Team Ron!


John McLendon said...

Team Hermione here. Also, very much, Team Snape.

Brooke said...

Team Fred and George!

Ana said...

I'm so cool with my cool tattoo and our cool battle poses it's not even funny. However, I resent your insinuation that I cried. I am made of stone and remained utterly unmoved by the whole epic finale of Harry Potter. It just so happened that there was a freaky weather anomaly and it was simply raining on my face. Also, I would like to add: Team Ron!!! No doubt or hesitation. There is something about his views on the procrastination of school work that strike a chord with me. Nevertheless, I have to admit that 'turn to page 394' will always make my heart skip a small beat. =P

Diana said...

I approve of all these choices! :) Although wouldn't it be prudent, Brooke, for you to be Team George since Fred...you know, bites the dust?