Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Staircase Obsession

Hiking my way to the top of the duomo in Florence

I have a somewhat bizarre confession to make: I'm obsessed with staircases. 

I'm not exactly sure when this fixation began, but I have vivid childhood memories of dreaming up a house with two staircases.  The idea of running up one and down another seemed like a great way to play.  As a teenager I fantasized about slowly descending a grand staircase on prom night -- seeing how my parents' house during my school years was a one-storey structure, this sadly never happened.  Even in adulthood I find staircases are often my favorite feature in a home.

Traveling in Europe has been only fed my fantaticism.  From circular stone staircases in cathedrals that seem to go on for miles to scarlet carpet-clad staircases in vast foyers of English estates, I have been experiencing staircase sensory overload.

Taken in the English building of my university
The Vatican Museum
The Accademia in Venice
The duomo in Milan

Am I alone in this?  Does anybody else harbour similar architectural quirks (one of my Italian travel buddies, for instance, is completely absorbed by doors).  I'd love to hear about others!


Jess said...

There's a set of stairs in Esslingen, Germany that I believe you would love. They are so little and surrounded by all these trees. I found them one day exploring the towns around Stuttgart.

Brooke said...

You're not alone! I have an obsession with stairs as well, but probably my biggest architectural obsession is exteriors. I like big wrap-around porches and lots of vegetation. And I have a fascination with stone or brick exteriors.

Ana said...

I love staircases as well, particularly spiral ones, but I have to admit my biggest obsession is windows, lots of big windows. Give me a window with a view and a window seat and I'm in reading heaven.

Diana said...

Jess: that sounds gorgeous. Do you have a picture you could send me? Brooke: I love wrap-around porches too! They remind me of Green Gables. Ana: how could I forget about your preoccupation with bay windows?

Maggie said...

I love how I'm technically in your post twice! I was the photographer of the first pic, after all! ;o) I agree, though...staircases are fascinating, too. You should definitely build that house with two of them, by the way.

Diana said...

Maggie: you're technically in my post twice, because you're technically that awesome. :)

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