Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charles Dickens Action Figure

Not to long ago I wrote a post highlighting a faux commercial for Charlotte, Emily and Anne power dolls.  It was a source of great amusement among the Victorian students but nothing more than a joke.

Imagine my surprise then when I saw this in the Charles Dickens Museum gift shop:

There it was, a Charles Dickens action figure.  In the flesh.  Or in the plastic package?

I love that the quill pen and removable hat are marketed as its superb selling features.  I had a good laugh over it, but the truth is this: if I had children this is most likely the kind of toy to which I would subject them.  I wonder if there are other authors available...


The Lloyd Family said...

The real question is, did you buy one? :)

Diana said...

You'd think, wouldn't you? No; I refrained. I was, however, sorely tempted to buy some Jane Austen dolls I saw on clearance at the university's bookstore. Not for me, but for my friends' children (ie, yours). ;)