Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The National Book Fair in York

Ages ago I wrote a post about attending the National Book Fair in York.  This truly was a book worm's paradise.  With texts ranging in price from a few quid to well over 1,000 pounds, there was a wide variety of books -- a plethora of gems to be found.  Now (a full light year later) I'd love to share some photos of a few of those treasures.  I could tell from the strange glances that the vendors thought it a bit odd for somebody to photograph themselves with the books they had an offer.  I will only say that if I had had sufficient funds, I would have bought them.  All of them.  Unfortunately, my student budget meant that I had to find contentment in coming away with photographs instead of the real deal. 

A copy of Matilda signed by Roald Dahl
Ooh, I would have gladly shelled out the 250 quid for this
 First edition of The Hound of the Baskervilles
If I remember correctly, it was nearly 1,000 pounds
This antiquarian political print cracked me up
Ana with a first edition of The Vampyre by John Polidori
A signed copy of The Amber Spyglass
I did see the complete His Dark Materials trilogy
All three were first editions, all were signed by Philip Pullman
It could have been mine for the very low price of 13,000 pounds
A teeny tiny prayer book
Sarah with a gorgeous copy of Pride and Prejudice
Be still, my heart!  A first edition of Villette
I just love Charlotte
Ana with a Winnie the Pooh text (can't remember which one now)
signed by A.A. Milne
A first edition of Virginia Woolf's Flush -- only fifty quid!
I nearly bought this one, but I refrained

Until this day I hadn't grasped the danger antiquarian books pose to a compulsive book buyer.  After a visit to Waterstone's/Barnes and Noble or a cyber-spree on Amazon, I can emerge with a large pile of brand new books without making a noticable dent in my wallet.  But one or two purchases from an antiquarian bookstore, and one is potentially bereft of hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds.  Nevertheless, I fully intend on returning to York's bibliophile heaven with money to spend. 


o said...

First edition Flush for £50.... I literally just gasped (my boyfriend reacted with "What? Spider? Where?"). How you refrained I do not know! :)

Diana said...

O: lol. That's the reaction in our house when a gasp is heard (we're all arachnophobic). But it was a great effort, resisting that first edition of Flush. If I hadn't already bought a couple of items (and hadn't been worried about running out of money before my flight back to the States) nothing would have stopped me. I ADORE that book.

Tonia said...

Ooh a book fair - am sooo jealous! But I would have spent all my wages for the next 2 months.
There is an antiquarian book shop near where I live and I've had to ration myself to one trip a month and even then just to the bargain shelves at the front, and the old maps. The results of me going any further would be catastrophic!

Dionne said...

Oh look at all those lovely books! SO jealous!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, i used to have a tiny prayer book JUST like that when i was younger. i thought it was so cute and precious that i had to carry it around with me all the time. i don't know whatever happened to it, but thanks for the fun flashback!
p.s. i would totally shout out a lot of money for a signed matilda book. adore!!
xo TJ

Diana said...

Tonia: does that work for you? It reminds me of when I go into a bookstore telling myself I'll just browse. I'm too weak to resist buying.

Diana said...

TJ: It must have been amazing owning a book that small. Did you have difficulties reading it?