Friday, November 04, 2011

J.K. Rowling and the Stroke of Death

I was browsing the Entertainment Weekly website when I came across two (related) intriguing articles about J.K. Rowling.  EW got the dish on a conversation between the Harry Potter author and Daniel Radcliffe that appears on the Blu-ray of The Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  Rowling apparently doesn't hold back as she shares her shifting mortality plans for certain characters.

Most shocking to me was the revelation that during a dark time in her life she briefly considered doing Ron in, if you catch my drift.  I've pledged allegiance to Team Ron, so I probably would have chucked whatever volume contained his untimely death across the room in a fit of rage.  I would have cried for days -- no exaggeration there, as Dumbledore's demise kept me on the verge of tears for a full week.  Would I have forgiven Rowling had she ruthlessly murdered Ron?  I simply don't know.  Perhaps writing her an angry letter expressing my displeasure would have guided me through the grieving process.

Other interesting tidbits from the EW peek of the dvd clip: Lupin was originally meant to live through the series and Hagrid's survival was largely dependent on the scene depicted at the top of this post.   

Would a character's death have affected how you felt about the series as a whole?  I, no joke, had a Do-Not-Kill List (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny) and would have had a difficult time overlooking the authorial slaughter of any of those four.  Are there characters (like Harry, perhaps?) you maintain should have bitten the proverbial dust?


ragini mohite said...

yeah i probably wouldn't be pleased with ron's death. with you on that one. but yeah i do believe that the book would have been more interesting had harry died. not happier, not better, just more interesting. though i wanted lupin and dobby to badly.

Ana said...

Yeah, if Ron had died my feelings would've probably been translated into something like: I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU ROWLING! I swear I almost flung the book to the floor at one point when I thought he had died. I have to say he same goes for Hermione and Weasley mum and dad. i was sad with most deaths but if I'm perfectly honest I don't know how upset I would've beem by Harry's death. plus I still think Snape should've been ressuscitated in all his glory. who's up for a Snape spin off?

Diana said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who adores one. Some people expressed a vehement distaste to him in the comment boards of these articles. One even said something along the lines of, 'He was dead to me when he walked out on Harry and Hermione in the forest.' I thought that was a bit harsh?

Diana said...

Rags: Poor Lupin and Dobby! For some reason, though, Lupin's death was less tragic to me knowing that Tonks had died too. Like, it's somehow sweet that they died together? I don't know, I think I have RJS (Romeo & Juliet Syndrome).

Ana: Add my name to the petition for a Snape Spinoff!