Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Wandering through the streets of Pisa, we finally reached the Piazza del Duomo where the infamous Leaning Tower can be found.  The piazza was swarming with tourists such as ourselves, but I was still enamored by the gorgeous architecture.  An impending train departure prevented us from hiking to the top of the tower, which I really wanted to do, but the grounds of the piazza are absolutely beautiful.  The weather that day was sunny and warm, making time spent outdoors very enjoyable.  It served as a welcome departure from the all the wuthering going on in Leeds at the time.  For a few minutes we sat on the grass, drinking in the atmosphere while Maggie read us Henry James's thoughts on the piazza from his text Italian Hours.  Viewing Italian architecture to beautiful prose in the company of fabulous friends is a fail-proof formula for a great time.  Now, without further ado, is my little tour of Pisa's Piazza del Duomo. 

 The cathedral and the tower
Traveling Buddies
 Francesca and Maggie
Tanya and the Baptistry
Front of the Cathedral
A closer view -- I just love those columns
 One last shot of the Tower

Before making a mad dash for the train station, we wandered through the Baptistry and Cathedral.  Photos of the interiors to come.  I also have some rather funny photo bloopers documenting my attempt to capture the stereotypical holding-up-the-tower shot.  Oh, the joys of being a tourist!


o said...

So lovely <3 DESPERATE to go! I've sort of been to Italy: plane stopped there for 3 hours because there was a storm over Corfu, where we were really heading. So I HAVE been to Italy, if being there counts as standing in door of plane in a very small, private airport!

Diana said...

It totally counts!

And I've sort of been to Switzerland! During one flight to England there was a layover in Zurich. I even walked from the terminal out to the plane, so I breathed the Swiss air and saw some quaint Swiss houses. Sure this counts? If only they had stamped my passport...

Brooke said...

I loved Pisa! I think that was my favorite day in Italy because after touring the baptistry and cathedral, I just lied out on the lawn staring up at the tower (which, along with the mausoleum, was closed that day)and enjoying a gelato. No place to have to be, perfect weather, good company. I think that's what it means to experience Italy!

Diana said...

I think you're right, Brooke. It's all about enjoying yourself. I wasn't always the best at taking this mindset to heart (especially when rushing to catch a train or make a museum appointment), but I was better about it at mealtimes. I tried to bask in the Italian atmosphere while eating my authentic spaghetti pomodoro and chatting with good friends.