Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Puppy Love

My aunt's two American eskimo dogs recently had a litter of nine puppies.  That's right -- nine puppies.  When they hit the four-week mark, we made a visit for some puppy playtime.  They're just the cutest little things: tiny white furballs that adored being held and cuddled.  We watched them go crazy over meal time with mama, play together, then fall into a restful puppy slumber (sometimes in their food dish).  It reminded me of the days when Percy was a tiny toy fox terrier pup.  Needless to say, Chelsea and I went a bit crazy with the camera.  Thus, I have compiled several collages featuring these adorable little pups!

Little Puppies
Sleepy Puppies
And more puppies
Aren't they cute?

The puppies have now all been weaned and welcomed into new homes, so it was wonderful to spend some time with these pups while we could.

P.S. It's possible that one or two almost came to our house -- my mom wanted to take all of them home with us.  It's also possible that she wasn't alone.   I am happy to report that we resisted the temptation to sneak out a little furball.  We have enough dog hair in our house as it is. 


Kelsi said...

Oh my cuteness! I think I would be tempted to take one myself! Looks like you are having fun and loving life :)

The Lloyd Family said...

Even though I'm not a dog lover (I know, blasphemous. Sorry.) I admit that seeing puppies makes me wish I didn't have such a ridiculously strong allergy to all things furry. They're incredibly cute!

Diana said...

Kelsi: I'm surprised somebody didn't cave to temptation and stuff a puppy into a handbag.

Ash: I'm glad I provided a way for you to enjoy puppies sans allergies. :)