Friday, November 11, 2011

When the Cat's Away...

 ...The mice will play!

My parents are traveling back east this week, so I am the designated house/baby-sitter.  Let me tell you, we are going cuh-razy in their absence. Not only have I been cultivating my domesticity by cleaning, cooking and chauffeuring teenagers, we've been partying big time.  Yesterday Chelsea and I decided to get really wild by hanging out at the bookstore.  We ordered hot beverages from the cafe (salted caramel hot chocolate for her, hot apple spice with extra caramel for me), and we read.  For over an hour.  Crazy, right? 

It doesn't stop there.  Tonight we completely defied all the rules and went out for dinner and a movie on a school night (as pictured above).  We saw Johnny English Reborn, which I'm pretty sure is the most rebellious movie of all time.  I don't think I've ever seen anything so...transgressive.  Just when I thought we couldn't get any more unruly, we listened to Christmas music in the car -- well before Thanksgiving.  Where did our inhibitions go?

Honestly, my teenage years didn't look much different from this.  This mouse was always a low-key geek whose conflicts with the supervisory cat generally involved piano practice (I wanted to practice; my mum disagreed) and the fact that I stayed out past curfew to watch period films with my best friend.  Clearly I haven't changed much.  I hope my brother and sister have enjoyed getting their geek on with me this week so the next time the parentals propose traveling and leaving me to rule the roost, Christian and Chelsea will reply with a 'Hell to the yeah!'  


Ashley said...

Oh you rebel you! Look at the way you are indoctrinating those young kids with your evil ways. Tsk tsk. Next time bring me along. I think I could eat that entire tub of popcorn by myself!

I had no idea I was keeping you out past curfew! Shame on me and those lovely period films. I'm so sorry ... or not at all. Not even a little.

Diana said...

I know, I'm such a bad influence.

I'm not sorry about staying out past curfew either. I was specifically thinking about the time I stayed out late, because we were watching Shakespeare in Love. The fight that ensued was pretty funny:

But Mom! You just don't understand. I've been wanting to watch Shakespeare in Love FOREVER, and Ashley's sister had just bought it, so she was able to edit out all the objectionable parts.

Yep, I was a wild child. I was also thinking of the times when you and I would leave parties early to talk about Jane Austen and watch Anne of Green Gables.

P.S. There's quite a bit of leftover popcorn, just in case you're interested. :)