Friday, November 04, 2011

Birthday Dinners & Bundt Cakes

I'm thrilled with my bundtlet!

Since my dad was out of town on my birthday, we had a low-key celebration.  When asked where I wanted to have a birthday dinner the thought that immediately sprung to mind was, 'Which restaurants are near Nothing Bundt Cakes?'

See, what I really wanted for my birthday was a killer cake.  Fortunately for me, Nothing Bundt Cakes sells killers cakes -- nay, assassin cakes.  They really are that scrumptious.  Their bundt cakes come in a variety of sizes with the smaller versions sporting cute names like bundtlet and bundtini. 

So, in order to obtain proximity to this baked-goods Mecca, I decided on the Asian restaurant across the parking lot.  The food sure was tasty, and I'm confident it would have been even if it were miles away from a cakery (can I make that a word?).

 Mum and Chelsea dig into the grub
 I opted for pad thai and green coconut curry with rice
With the brother
Mother and daughter

After dinner we made our way home with lots of cake for dessert. I came away with a white chocolate raspberry bundtlet and a full-size chocolate chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting.  All of our purchases were delicious, but that chocolate chocolate chip cake was on another level.  As I told a friend, it really took the cake.  (Puns are allowed for birthdays.)  We're not chocoholics at our house, but it didn't take long for the chocolate chocolate chip bundt to disappear, leaving naught but a smattering of crumbs behind.  In short, I'm ready for another bundt.  (If you want a bundt, there are locations from California to Tennessee.)

Christian immediately decided on the red velvet
He was quite chuffed with it
Chelsea selected the cinnamon swirl

As for me, I thought this day exemplified the old adage, 'Spicy food and cake a great birthday make.'  Okay, that's not an old adage.  But I found it to be full of truth.  Thanks to my family for making this birthday a delicious one!

P.S. I ate homemade chocolate cake while writing this post.  I clearly have a serious problem.  Time to join the 12-step program?


bows and more said...

Happy belated Birthday! You look so pretty! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Diana said...

Thanks, Kelsi. You are so sweet. :)

ragini mohite said...

oh sorry i missed it. happy birthday. xx

Diana said...

Thanks, Rags!