Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I wish I were here...

Even the most casual of observers would easily note a distinct lack of summer posts here.  My poor technological device suffered from a viral infection that ultimately required treatment by professionals.  Several weeks later, my humble little laptop has received a clean bill of health.

The stamina of my aging computer will be essential over the next couple of weeks as I complete the dreaded D-word: dissertation.  I have been surprisingly dedicated to logging an impressive number of hours, days and and even weeks at the library: reading, napping, staring at the domed ceiling, or (if I'm feeling really ambitious) writing a smattering of words here and there that will eventually evolve into what is essentially a very long essay.

Since this has been going on for months now, I have begun to question my sanity.  Surely there is something unstable about a person whose primary frustrations in life are the library's limiting summer hours -- what university library closes at five pm on the weekends?! -- and the scoundrels who insist upon speaking at full volume in the silent study area. 

With all the intellectual mayhem, I find myself wishing I could escape to the wild moors like Heathcliff and Cathy.

I took these pictures during a hike on the moors in June*.  It was my first Wuthering Heights Walk.  I was instantly struck by its beauty and the serenity this area engenders in its visitors.  Perfectly cushioned by the moors beneath me and the dull English sunshine overhead, I felt like I was in the prime location for a nature nap.

Maybe all I need to regain equanimity is a day on the moors.  And the heather is now in bloom.

*Note that although these photos were taken in June, I am still bundled up in winter gear.  Summers in Yorkshire....


The Lloyd Family said...

I believe Willoughby is about to turn the corner and come to your rescue, Marianne! Oh wait ... wrong book!

P.S. Love the red coat. Does it come in my size?

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