Monday, August 29, 2011

England: Ewe Should Come

While I'm on the subject of animals, I've been watching loads of Flight of the Conchords lately and am always amused by the horrible posters in the background of the manager's office that are meant to promote tourism in New Zealand.  Fans of the show, do you remember this classic?
Image via Google 
'New Zealand: Ewe Should Come.'  It's absolutely priceless!

I've taken so many pictures of sheep this past year that one would think I had set out to produce an English version of this.  So I'm going to share all my sheep photos in a conniving attempt to lure all my American comrades to this side of the pond.  The verdure of the English countryside is pretty and all, the museums and castles are top notch, but it's the sheep that lure in visitors.  Or so Murray Hewitt seems to think.
Pastures of Yorkshire
These next photos feature sheep
with some rather unfortunate haircuts
See what I mean? 
I can't help feeling this young animal would
simultaneously be feeling hot and cold
The Sheep & Me
That sounds like a cracking title for
a sheep farmer's memoir, right?


dana @ wonder forest said...

i LOVE flight of the conchords!
xo dana

Diana said...

Aren't Bret and Jemaine the coolest? I can never decide which one I like more...

Brooke said...

Haha I love flight of the conchords! I like the episode where Murray is handing out fliers trying to convince people that New Zealand is better than Australia "Come to New Zealand! You know, that country where they filmed Lord of the Rings?!"

Diana said...

Brooke, I love that episode. Seeing Jemaine singing 'Rock the Party' with only 'the tape' to back him up had me stitches.

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