Monday, April 01, 2013

I Have Been...

Poppy Field Near Vetheuil (1879) by Claude Monet

Finished The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer yesterday.
Just ordered Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat.
Bibliotherapy continues. :)

Academic work on Elizabeth Gaskell
and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 
(Three cheers for all the great Elizabeths!)

 At flowers, buds and plants.
Currently obsessed by all flora and fauna.

Regina Spektor's Samson. So haunting!
 Bach's various string compositions. So invigorating!

Emma. This adaptation is sunshine for my soul:

 Discouraged by my recent past yet hopeful for my future.
Also, hungry. Time for a snack.

 The imminent blooming of our tulips.
A forthcoming holiday in June.

Percy. Poor thing hurt his paw today, 
but he's revelled in the extra attention. 
Dogs are the best.


Mark said...

Great Monet painting...and the doggie is cute too:)

Diana said...

Thanks, Mark. I quite like him myself. :)

Ashley said...

Love this post and love the painting. Bravo!

Katherine Cox said...

"Academic work on Elizabeth Gaskell"
Ooh! That's piqued my curiosity! Love Gaskell.

On another note, if you'd still like to join in on the Keats Blog tour for May can you please email me at coxkatherine © live , com? And I can send you the details. Thanks!

Diana said...

Thanks, Ash! Monet and red seemed like an infallible combination. :)

Diana said...

As do I, Katherine! I'm researching Cranford right now, and any time spent with those enchanting Cranfordians is time well spent in my book (pun intended).

Ashley said...

Just re-watched BBC's "Emma" and found it even more delightful than the first two viewings. I believe it has become a new favorite. It truly is sunshine for the soul.

Diana said...

It's become a new favourite for me, too! It continues to grow on me with every viewing.