Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night

As a movie buff, I generally look forward to the Academy Awards. There are movies I root for and movies that I hope crash and burn (I won't name names, but...[cough] Avatar). There are speeches that makes me laugh and cry and speeches that successfully put me to sleep in record time. Oh, and I love passing judgment on the endless parade of dresses -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

This year we're watching the epic-length show with an Oscar Party. I'll be cheering on The Artist, Midnight in Paris, and the ladies from The Help over an abundance of food. Chatting with friends and family during the boring bits will hopefully keep me conscious during the lengthy ceremony. Will you be watching? Which films/actors would you like to see awarded the Golden Statue?

P.S. Thank you for your excellent Edith Wharton recommendations. The House of Mirth was the clear winner, so I'll shortly be digging into it for my first Wharton experience!


ragini mohite said...

Midnight in Paris was fantastic wasn't it? i say we make it the official movie for the big bang theory of literature, bliss dealers group.

Brooke said...

I'll be rooting for Midnight in Paris as well! That movie was like watching what I dream about on the big screen. I have yet to see the Artist, but I hope to soon!

Diana said...

Ragini: what a great idea! We know enough pseudo-intellectuals like Michael Sheen's character. But can we go back in time to nineteenth-century London? I really think Woody Allen should make a sequel called 'London at 1:00 AM.'

Diana said...

Brooke: I'm glad you enjoyed Midnight in Paris too! It was like a reader's reverie, and that's not even my preferred era! I was so thrilled it won Best Original Screenplay. It was much deserved.

Definitely see The Artist when you get a chance! It's so whimsical and enchanting.

preethi said...

We keep meaning to see The Artist and still haven't gotten around to it. Need to do it soon!

Oh, and the flats are from Target, but sadly, it looks like they're out of stock online. :( Maybe in store, though!

lace, etc.

Diana said...


Thanks for the info on the flats! And I'd definitely recommend The Artist. It seems to win over all who see it. :)

Danny said...

So glad you settled on the House of Mirth! You're in for something extraordinary. No one talks more eloquently about money and class than Wharton--at least no American author.

And Edith's writing is simply marvelous--even Austen-esque at times.

As to the Oscars, I personally wanted The Tree of Life to Win, but knew it didn't stand a chance. It was too avant-garde for the Oscars. I enjoyed Midnight in Paris, though. Couldn't stop laughing the first night I saw it in NYC.

Diana said...

Danny: I haven't yet seen Tree of Life. When it was released in the States, I was in England. When it was released in the UK, I was in the US. I hate it when that happens! I'm looking forward to watching it on DVD, as I've heard lots of wonderful things about it.

And yes, Midnight in Paris is simply hilarious! My sister and I have been quoting it for weeks now (mostly lines from Hemingway and Michael Sheen's character).