Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I used to loathe Valentine's Day. I saw it as a pink and red assault on singletons the world over. It took years before I fully realized that whether I'm in a romantic relationship or not, I am surrounded by people whom I dearly love. That's always something to celebrate. Obviously we should express our appreciation for the those who enrich our lives throughout the year. Still, it's nice to have a holiday dedicated to the purpose. It serves as a reminder to not take the love given to us for granted. So, I would like to thank the friends and family members who infuse my days with their warmth and humour. You make my life a joy and I love you for it! Happy Valentine's Day!

The above is my attempt at creating Valentines of the edible variety. Sadly, the recipe I used was not a good one, and the sugar cookies I meant to make came out like crumbly shortbread biscuits that are begging for more butter. At least they're pretty, right?

P.S. In honour of V-Day I'll be writing a post about my favourite literary couples. First, however, I must pare down my epic-length list into something that will accommodate a single blog entry. I won't lie, this will be tricky. :)

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