Sunday, February 27, 2011

A First

This weekend I attended my first literary conference.  This means I awoke on a Saturday at seven in the morning of my own volition.  I’m thoroughly impressed with myself.  I say literary, but in actuality it was an interdisciplinary event on psychoanalysis and children’s fiction.  Apart from one moment where hunger and the warm temperature of the room threatened to sedate me, I was enthralled by the papers presented. Topics such as art therapies, manga, and the figure of the orphan in juvenile literature were among the highlights.  My favorite, however, was a student paper on Twilight and rape fantasies that was very persuasively argued.  In a word: fascinating.  

Ragini and Me

Liz and Ragini
Liz was one of the organizers.

I clearly struggled to get a decent group shot of
Brinda, Sarah and me.

A few of my fellow students were also in attendance (a friend of mine was one of the organizers), so it was nice to be able to chat and discuss the presented papers during lunch and coffee breaks.  The grub offered for the former was surprisingly delicious, and I may have consumed three pieces of cake throughout the day.  Maybe.  I hope I have the chance to be part of more academic conferences in the future – even if they begin at ungodly hours.

I had to capture the rainbow that emerged 
as I was walking home.

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