Monday, October 03, 2011

Pancake Party

Just a little fyi: American pancakes and English pancakes are not the same thing at all.  English pancakes are similar to crepes.  They're thicker than a crepe and not quite the same consistency, but it's the best comparison I can conjure.  American pancakes, on the other hand, are fluffy and more like the cake from which it takes its name.  One isn't necessarily better than the other, but the two are quite different.  When I told Ana about the scrumptiousness of the American variety, she naturally wanted to try them for herself.  So we planned a little pancake party that serendipitously coincided with Tanya's departure from Leeds. We obtained a great recipe from the Pioneer Woman about whom I've heard so many wonderful things.  Maple syrup was not to be found at either of the major supermarkets, but golden syrup served as an adequate substitute.  After using an online calculator to convert the measurements into metrics and adding a bit (or a lot) more sugar to the batter, we got them just the way we wanted them.  I was pretty impressed with myself, making pancakes from scratch and all.  We always used pancake mixes growing up, and I think I have made it abundantly clear that I am not known for my mad skills in the kitchen.  But I think these pictures illustrate that I can, when so inclined, whip up something fairly edible.

The ingredients (toaster not required)
I measured and mixed while Tanya snacked
Setting the table
Ana and Tanya
The batter is ready to throw on the griddle (or pan in this case)
Until it reaches that lovely golden brown
The finished product
Bon appetit!


xoxo, dania said...

pancake party!? funnn & delicious!!

Diana said...

It was fun and delicious. We also had enough batter for breakfast the following morning. Bonus!

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